How to Get Good Backlinks for SEO

If you are exploring the web to know how to get backlinks, you are not alone. Many digital marketers started their journey by going down the same route.

To become an SEO master, you must know how to get good backlinks for SEO. That’s because backlinks boost rankings and are the foundation of the PageRank algorithm.

You can quickly achieve higher positions on SERPs if you know how to get backlinks.

For this, you not only need an effective backlinks SEO strategy but should also know how backlinks work.

This guide will help you know how to create backlinks manually. In case you don’t want to do it yourself, you’ll be able to buy high-quality backlinks. But first, let’s explore what backlinks are and how you can get quality links for your site.


What Are Backlinks?


A backlink acts as a bond of trust between two pages of two different websites. This can be a link from a forum, web directory, or another website.

For instance, if you have written content on some topic and another site mentions it using a link, it’s a backlink for your website. Similarly, if you have mentioned another site in your content, this is a backlink for that particular website.


In simple words, backlinks are the incoming links that your website gets from other sites.

How Do Backlinks Work?


Backlinks work like endorsements and establish the credibility of a website. The more backlinks a website gets, the more authoritative it becomes on search engines.

However, it all depends on how many backlinks your website has and the value of each backlink. That’s because all backlinks are not considered equals in the eyes of search engines.

Each backlink has a different value which impacts its credibility. Below are the main factors that influence the value of backlinks. These include:

  • Domain authority of the linking site
  • Link status (do-follow vs. no-follow)
  • Link location on the page

A backlink from a high DA website has more value and passes more authority.


Do Backlinks Help SEO?


Yes, backlinks are exceptionally helpful when it comes to improving the SEO of a website. Since backlinks work like “votes of confidence,” these help you improve rankings.

Backlinks are signals for search engines like Google that other websites are finding your content useful. These links indicate that you are providing value to users. Ultimately, you’ll be able to acquire a high position on the SERP.


How Many Backlinks Are Good for SEO?

There is no clear answer to this question because it all depends on keyword difficulty. For a page with a low competition keyword, you will not need many. But you’ll definitely need more backlinks to rank a high difficulty keyword on search engines.

The more backlinks a page has, the better because this will improve its authority.

Normally, you can achieve higher rankings if your page includes low to mid-competition keywords with around 100 backlinks. However, you must know that this is not a hard-and-fast rule but merely loose guidelines.

We recommend you try to get quality backlinks and strengthen your internal linking. This will prove more beneficial in the long run for your website.


How to Get Good Backlinks for SEO?


To get good backlinks, you must know what type of content will work for you. More importantly, you should be aware of the types of backlinks and their status.


Create Quality Content 

Crafting valuable content is still one of the best ways to acquire links. If you don’t know how to get backlinks, start by creating compelling content pieces.

Publish content on topics that you have expertise in and try to post comprehensive guides.

This is a time-taking practice but will establish you (your website) as an authority. With time, other websites will start acknowledging your efforts and you’ll get high authority backlinks.

However, you must focus on the types of content that are known to attract backlinks. These include:

types of content Source:


Consider the Types of Backlinks

Backlinks can be acquired in many forms but from an SEO perspective, you need to focus on their status. 

Webmasters either provide backlinks with the do-follow or no-follow status. The type of link you get entirely depends on the will of the website’s owner.

What is no-follow linkSource:

A no-follow backlink refers to your website but also tells search engines that the provider doesn’t put much trust in your site. You will have a backlink but it’ll not pass authority or link juice.

A do-follow backlink not only refers to your content but also signals search engines that the website trusts you. This is the type of backlink that passes authority and improves your site’s SEO.

That’s why you should be aware of the statuses of backlinks if you want to study how to get backlinks.


How to Create Backlinks Step by Step

If you want to do backlinking for SEO purposes, follow the below steps. These will help you acquire high authority backlinks from premium blogs and websites.

Step 1: Create quality content that’s linkable

Step 2: Publish content using the Skyscraper technique

Step 3: Incorporate the best backlinking strategies

Step 4: Spy on competitors to explore backlink opportunities


How to Get Backlinks Using Effective SEO Strategies

In case you are unaware of how to get backlinks, we have listed the most effective link building strategies. These will help you get quality backlinks without breaking the sweat.

effective link building strategiesSource:


Below are a few of the most effective link building strategies that digital marketers use.


Do Content Promotion

We have already talked about the ideal content formats for link building. You can easily build a healthy backlink profile through content promotion.


Content promotion is a marketing technique that brands use to reach their target audience. But it’s also a good backlink strategy for both new and older websites.


How to Get Backlinks Through Content Promotion

For this to work, you have to pick the right audience and the right content type. Start by identifying your target audience and people with whom you would like to share your content.

Content PromotionSource:

Some most effective content promotion methods include:

  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Blogging
  • Email outreach

People will share your content if they find it worth reading or sharing. This in turn will help you earn backlinks from unique sources.

So, try to offer value to readers instead of just promoting your brand.

However, you need to do content promotion sensibly if you truly want to build links. Instead of sharing content frequently, create a content calendar for promotion and follow it.


Run Brand Mention Campaigns


This is a term that represents the references that a brand gets from other brands. These references are potential backlinks that you can acquire by running a brand mention campaign.

Brand mansions are offered when a brand has established itself as an authority.

But a business offering exceptional services or products can also get brand mentions online. These mentions work like stamps of approval for brands and their services/products.

But the best part is that you can turn these mentions into backlinks. All you need is a link reclamation tool to follow some simple steps.


How to Get Backlinks Using Unlinked Brand Mentions

The process is easy and can be divided into three basic steps.

  • Find your unlinked brand mentions using a tool
  • Find out the mention’s author (site owner or webmaster)
  • Outreach and ask for a backlink

However, you must know that the process is more difficult than it seems. Finding the unlinked mentions can be a hassle if you don’t have the right tools.

Below are a few tools that you can use to find unlinked brand mentions.

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • BuzzSumo 

These tools will help you find pages and places on the internet where your brand is being mentioned. Then make a list and isolate the sites which are useful in terms of offering backlinks.

Here’s a complete guide on using brand mentions for backlink acquisition.

However, bear in mind that not every website owner will be willing to provide a backlink. So, you need to do some research on their brand before asking them to provide backlinks.

A good way is to use a tailored email to outreach them. Don’t annoy them by sending multiple emails and try to use a polite, friendly tone while communicating.


Use the Skyscraper Technique

This is a link building technique that Brian Dean used to increase traffic by 110%. This is a content marketing technique used to build quality backlinks. 

Use the Skyscraper TechniqueSource:

The Skyscraper technique helps you:

  • Create awesome content
  • Attracts valuable traffic
  • Build high authority backlinks
  • Stand out on the SERPs
  • Get shares on social media

The idea behind this technique is to explore the weaknesses of content that is already ranking. Once you do that, you can create more thorough and compelling content. 

Then you outreach webmasters to use a link that refers to your content instead of that old content. Let’s explore in detail how you can build backlinks using the Skyscraper technique.


How to Use the Skyscraper Technique for Link Building

The process of the Skyscraper technique is pretty simple. All you need to do is:

  • Find content with relevant keywords
  • Make sure it has plenty of backlinks
  • Find quality prospects by exploring its backlinks
  • Create high-quality content by adding more value
  • Start your email outreach

So, if you don’t know how to get backlinks, practice the Skyscraper technique. The below image perfectly defines how the Skyscraper technique works.

Skyscraper technique worksSource:

Creating such quality content is tiresome because you have to capitalize on the weaknesses of existing content. But if done right, you can create several quality backlinks within a week.

However, if you have already published content on the same topic, try to make it more awesome. Your goal should be to craft content that is better than top-ranking articles.

So, make sure it’s not only helpful and more though but also fulfills the user’s intention. Only then you should start outreaching and asking webmasters to utilize your article link.

Since your content includes more value (valid data, actionable tips, or tricks), they’ll be happy to link back to it.

Also, don’t forget to customize your emails before sending them to webmasters. Instead of promoting your content, make a solid case and describe how valuable it is. The best way is to point out the mistakes that previous links have and the value yours will provide to their readers.


Go After Broken Links


This is another link building strategy that if followed correctly, can deliver exceptional results. The idea behind is to offer value to webmasters and then ask them to provide backlinks.

But first, let’s understand what broken links are and how they can impact a website.

As the name gives it away, broken links refer to links that are no longer operational. When the visitors try to reach these links, they are taken to error pages (404 pages).


There are several reasons for broken links but below are the most common causes.

  • Web pages removed
  • Typos in the URL creation
  • Links from sites that no longer exist
  • Web pages moved to new URLs
  • Mistakes while entering the URLs

Broken links can be internal or external and they can harm your website. It can ruin your:

  • SEO efforts
  • Site’s user experience
  • Brand’s reputation

That’s why webmasters are always finding broken links and trying to replace them. This also provides an opportunity for other webmasters to secure quality backlinks.


How to Do Broken Link Building

The process of finding broken links for the purpose of backlink building is a tedious task. It requires research and the best SEO tools if you want to acquire authoritative backlinks.

The process of broken link building can be defined in four easy steps.

  1. Find broken links on top sites
  2. Find niche-relevant link building opportunities
  3. Create content based on broken links
  4. Do outreach for broken link building 

The trick here is to provide alternative links that webmasters can use to replace broken links. Since you would have already done the hard work for them, they’ll be happy to provide you with the backlink.

So, try to find broken links within your niche on topics that you have already covered. In case you have not covered the topics, create content first and then do the outreach. 


Write Guest Posts

Believe it or not, guest posting is the best SEO strategy when it comes to building backlinks. The practice involves writing and posting blogs for other websites. And when you do so, you paste a link inside the content that refers back to your website.

Guest posting can significantly improve your backlink profile and rankings in search engines. You cannot only acquire premium links from authoritative websites but can also reap other benefits.

What are the benefits Guest BloggingSource:

Some of the key benefits of guest blogging include:

  • Premium backlinks
  • Brand visibility
  • Organic traffic
  • Improved rankings on search engines

However, this is a backlink strategy that takes time and serious effort. You have to create valuable content in order to get do-follow backlinks.


How to Get Backlinks through Guest Posting 

The process of guest posting starts by looking for authoritative sites. For this, you have to:

  • Explore high DA websites
  • Ensure they accept guest posts
  • Create a list of guest posting sites
  • Outreach through email

Most marketers use templates to outreach webmasters which is a bad practice. Instead, you should follow the best outreach practices to maximize your chances. This means you should:

  • Personalize your email
  • Communicate your message clearly
  • Define the value that you are offering
  • Brainstorm topic ideas beforehand
  • Don’t Spam

It is wise for you to read the guidelines before outreaching websites. Most sites have “write for us” or “submission guidelines” pages where you can find such information.

Following these guidelines will improve your chances of publishing guest posts.


Buy High-Quality Backlinks


Buying backlinks is another way to boost your rankings and SEO. This is an easy way for those who don’t know how to get backlinks manually. There is two way to buy backlinks for your websites:

  • Hire a freelancer
  • Hire a digital marketing agency

When it comes to buying backlinks, most people visit popular services websites like Upwork and Fiverr. That’s where you will find people with the best skills and expertise. The best part is that you can assess them by reviewing their work online.


Best Place to Buy Backlinks

Globex Digital Marketing is the best place to buy backlinks for your brand or business website. We do contextual linking building and also provide guest blogging services to clients. You will get premium backlinks at affordable rates from niche-relevant sites and blogs.


Takeaway Words

To boost your SEO, you must know how to get backlinks. However, you must create quality content to acquire premium backlinks from authority websites. This will help you improve your backlink profile and you’ll be able to get natural backlinks.


Best Digital Marketing Tools for Startups in 2022

Much of human activity has shifted to virtual space with the help of technology. That said, to grow any business, it must exist online. In fact, the physical existence of a business doesn’t matter as much as having a strong online presence.

To grow your business online (and offline) and market your business, you must wonder what kind of digital marketing tools for startups you should be using on your website. Using the right digital marketing tools will make it easier to connect with your target audience.

Boosting the online presence of your business isn’t as easy as it might sound – you need to stay on top of different digital marketing tools for startups and integrate them successfully into your business strategy. With the right digital marketing tools, you will succeed at doing the following:

  • Generate remarkable content ideas.
  • Assess your website’s search rankings.
  • Boost website traffic.
  • Remove unnecessary links.
  • Build useful links.
  • Analyze high-ranking keywords.
  • Obtain technical SEO successfully.

Here is the list of 17 digital marketing tools for startups to help you better manage, scale, and streamline your online business.

1. Title Generator

It is quite normal to run out of content ideas – or you might need some inspiration in terms of blog/ article titles or YouTube video titles. Whatever it is, you can immensely benefit from the tool known as title generator.

With the help of this amazing tool, you can generate up to seven hundred headlines with a single click. All you need to do is to enter the keyword in the required field and proceed to click on the option of “get headlines.”

In just a few seconds, you will have seven hundred headline titles for content ideas. It is important to mention that some of the titles won’t be perfect and unsuitable for your content – but they will certainly give you some inspiration and direction.

digital marketing tools for startupsSource:


2. Hemingway

The Hemingway tool will be handy if you write any piece of content – whether that be guest posts, articles, Instagram captions, or anything. If you have been using Grammarly – you will find many similarities. However, Hemingway might not be as advanced.

All you need to do is go to and start writing and benefit from the actual writing editor tool. This is certainly one of the must have digital marketing tools for startups.

However, if you want to write without any distractions, click on write – the option which you will find on the upper right side of the screen. You won’t get any of those highlights by clicking on this option.

Once you have completed writing your piece of content, click on edit, and then you will be able to see the readability score, the grade, the word count, and potential mistakes.

In a nutshell, the highlights are generated by the Hemingway tool. The yellow highlights indicate that the highlighted content is quite wordy, so you can shorten this. Anything highlighted in red indicates that it is quite dense and hard to comprehend and read.

Any purple highlights indicate the use of complicated and technical words.

Adverbs highlighted in blue and green highlights mean that the highlighted content is worded in passive voice. Hemingway is also available for macOS and Windows systems.



3. Mention

If you want to get alerts of any potential mentions of your brand or business, you should have one of the most amazing digital marketing campaign tools known as Mention. Before you start thinking that this is the same as Google alerts, you ought to know that it is not, as it can track and monitor over one billion sources across the web.

We also mean press releases, review sites, website forums, and blog posts as part of the billion web sources.

The backend of this tool kind of looks like an email inbox – you can add alerts for anyone mentioning your business products and services and your brand name.

Simply put, you can consolidate all these potential alerts of brand/product mentions and related things in one location.

digital marketing tools for startupsSource:


4. Rebrandly

Digital marketing requires unique and informative content, and this tool will help you shorten long-hand, perhaps even ugly, links into shorter, more brandable links. All you need to do is go to the back end of your Rebrandly account.

Rebrandley is undoubtedly one of the best digital marketing tools for beginners.


Simply click on “new link” and proceed to enter the destination URL. There are a few things that you can do; for instance, you can cloak it and choose a branded domain with your Rebrandly account – or you can also use the default Rebrandly link, enter the slash tag and create the link.

You will see that instead of the extremely long link, you will get a branded short link. Another thing that you can do is to use a QR code, generate it, and save it so that anyone who uses and scans the code goes to the link.

digital marketing tools for startupsSource: blog. Hotspot


5. Kamua

Videos are essential to the latest and most innovative digital marketing tools for startups. That said, you can immensely benefit from the digital marketing tool of Kamua. This tool allows you to resize your video into other formats that you can then use for different social media platforms.

With Kamua, you cannot only resize your videos but also focus on the subject and crop the area. The in-built features of this marketing tool enable you to select portrait or square while cropping. Now, if there is loads of movement, and you want to ensure that you only crop the subject – you will want to turn on auto-crop.

After choosing auto crop, you can set the focal point and choose the actual area that you want to focus on. Subsequently, save the focal point, and once you are done, proceed to click on the draft render, preview it to see if you like it and if you are happy with it, proceed to click on download.

You can use the video as a YouTube short, a TikTok video, or even an Instagram reel.


6. Flaticon

digital marketing tools for startups

If you need high-quality icons to use on your business website or YouTube thumbnails, you must check out this tool called Flaticon. It is very simple to use – just enter a search term – and browse through the suggested icons.

If you like an icon that you like, simply click on it. Simultaneously, you will be given some options regarding the potential sizes that you want to save it as.


7. Lord Icon

Another great digital marketing tool for icons is Lord Icon. What is different about this digital marketing tool is that you can download animated icons. Additionally, you can actually customize the colors.

Click on the color adjustment feature and select the color that you want – let’s say you chose red; you will proceed to the option of applying. Now, you will have a red icon.

You can also make other adjustments to the icon, such as the thickness of the lines. You will see that this tool will offer you hundreds of icon options to choose from, so there is bound to be something to fit your requirements.


8. Convertkit

Do you want to start your own newsletter and build a strong email subscriber base? If the answer is yes, then we recommend using a highly-beneficial tool known as Convertkit. This must-have digital marketing tool for startups enables you to create landing pages.

It also allows you to create email sign-up forms and integrates your landing page with many other apps. You can also do email marketing, run some automation, create some automation funnels, and send out some broadcast messages.

The standard version of Convertkit allows you to sign up for free, build-up to one thousand subscribers until you feel the need to upgrade, and you can also benefit from the easy-to-use landing page builder. All you need to do is choose a template that you like – and then start editing the landing page, such as the images, headline, call-to-action, and opt-in-form fields.

Once you are done editing the landing page, you have your landing page ready to collect email subscribers.


9. Headline Analyzer

Another great testing tool is called a headline analyzer. provides this useful digital marketing tool. All you need to do is enter the title/ headline you would like to use for your blog post/ article, YouTube video, guest post, and whatnot.

Once you have entered the headline, click on analyze, and you will see a detailed analysis of the headline, including the headline score and the SEO score. This analysis will give you a detailed indication of how things can be improved, tweaked, and optimized.

You can also immensely benefit from the suggestions, such as the suggestions on increasing the power words, boosting the emotional words, increasing the unique words, and decreasing the common words.

As you will scroll down the analysis page, you will see more information and details, such as the character count, the word count, and the type of headline your headline comes under.

So, by using this digital marketing tool for startups, you can go in there and fine-tune your potential headline. You can start with this tool to improve your headlines and get some of the best suggestions. 

Depending on your content type and target audience, having a catchy, interesting headline is sometimes all that it takes to boost website traffic and create a viral blog post.


10. Keywords Everywhere

When it comes to finding the best digital marketing tools for small business it should have something to do with keywords. This marketing tool is an amazing one – it is called Keywords Everywhere. If you search Google for any potential keyword, you will see the results. This marketing tool will show you additional results, such as traffic per month for a specific URL.

Additionally, this tool will provide you with more details on a sidebar, including trend data, SEO difficulty, off-page difficulty, related keywords linked with the search term, what people also search for, and long-term keywords, which makes it one of the essential digital marketing tools.

This is one of the best digital marketing tools for startups that is specifically useful as you get additional information that Google doesn’t provide otherwise.



11. Hostinger

This is one of the best digital marketing resources and tools for those who want to build their business website but aren’t that tech-savvy. Simply, as a newbie entrepreneur, you just might not know where to begin. This is where the digital marketing tool of Hostinger comes in.

If you opt for the premium version, you can host up to one hundred websites, and you can avail of a hundred gigabytes of super-fast SSD storage along with a free domain name at the time of signing up. Hostinger is hailed as one of the top-performing web hosts in the world.


12. Hotjar

digital marketing tools for startups

This online digital marketing tool enables you to visualize user behavior. You can also refer to this tool as a heat mapping tool, as it enables you to visualize what people are actually hovering over and what they are clicking on.

With the heat mapping data that Hotjar provides, you can then go to your business website and make those optimizations, such as moving a call-to-action button that might be positioned too far to the right so you can move it to the left.

Another amazing feature of Hotjar is that you can see the potential journey of a user. You can trace that once they land on your website; where do they go after that. You can trace whether they click on this link or that link or do they go to that section or this section.

Once you find out the potential journey of a visitor, you can shift particular sections and links to create a high conversion for your potential website. Hotjar is one of the must-have digital marketing tools for startups.

digital marketing tools for startupsSource:


13. Keyword Tool

If you are looking for some solid suggestions in terms of what people are searching for on places like Google or YouTube – there is a tool called keyword tool. All you need to do is to enter some keywords in the respective tab – preferably the keywords that you will be targeting for your latest blog post.

Enter the keywords and choose a location before you proceed to hit search to get the results. The keyword tool will give you some useful suggestions and ideas regarding what types of articles or videos to create.

If you opt for a tool upgrade, you will get more data, such as the potential search volume, the cost per click, the trend, and the competition. You can also search specific sites, including YouTube, Instagram, Bing, Amazon, Ebay, Play Store, and Twitter.

So, with the keyword tool – you can start with a main or seed keyword and then expand from there while finding those smaller niche keywords or long tail keywords.  


14. Inpaint

Let us talk about some digital marketing tools and tactics connected with creating and creativity, such as the graphic tool Inpaint. Have you ever wanted to remove certain objects from a photo? Well, this is what this tool is for.

You don’t need to install anything – it is free to use. Also, it is quite easy to use: get your photo ready, drag and drop the photo. Now you will find yourself in the graphic editor section.

Suppose you want to erase and remove something from the photo. All you need to do is to zoom in so that you can see closer and simply start erasing while using the markup tool. Nonetheless, you can also use the lasso tool or the polygonal tool.

Simply highlight the objects you want to erase while using the tool of your choice. Subsequently, click on erase, and you will see the magic happen. Finally, zoom out to see what the final version looks like now.

This tool is very easy to use, and you can easily remove any object from any photo of yours.


15. Notion

digital marketing tools for startups

The notion is so much more than just a note-taking digital marketing strategy tool. This digital marketing tool allows you to create and manage your projects and collaborate with other team members. The roadmap of this tool has a simple drag-and-drop mechanism.

The roadmap allows you and your team members to keep aligned with the work progress while aligning tasks and projects in three categories: not started, in progress, and completed. You can also choose from several templates.

The template designs include a roadmap, database, and meeting notes. There are quite a lot of templates offered by this tool, and you will find it easy to operate, which makes it part of the must-have digital marketing tools for startups.



Another effective digital marketing tool linked with creativity is – this tool allows you to remove the background from an image or photo. is easy to use – just select a photo, and in just a matter of seconds, you will see that it will remove the background.

Once you have removed the background, simply download the final version. Also, if you want a high-quality version, you will need to pay for it. Once you have downloaded this tool, you can sign up for the subscription plan or pay as you go.

digital marketing tools for startupsSource: blog.hotsuite


17. Goodbye Metrics

If you are a YouTube creator, you can immensely benefit from the best digital marketing tools and channels. So, this digital marketing tool will basically eliminate the metrics, the analytics, the numbers of likes on a particular video, and so on.

Now before you start thinking about the whole point of the act of not seeing your metrics – let us tell you that this is one of the traps that potential creators fall into.

Potential creators fall into the trap also known as the comparison syndrome, where they compare the stats of their latest videos amongst the sea of other YouTube creators that have posted their videos.

This comparison syndrome can lead to a lack of motivation and all the potential hard work and the many hours that one puts into creating a video and not seeing the results they anticipate.

That said, if you are an aspiring YouTuber or wherever you are on YouTube – by using Goodbye Metrics, you can enable the extension, and all the views on the view count will be gone as well as the number of subscribers.

By clicking on the Goodbye Metrics extension, you can also stop seeing the latest video performance, channel analytics, the latest comments, and other data. If you don’t want to hide all the metrics, you can individually enable those metrics that you do want to see.

The bottom line is that by using this digital marketing tool, you can focus more on creating rather than following the algorithm and feeding what YouTube wants. 



what is a b2b marketing strategy

What is a B2B Marketing Strategy and How to develop it?

When it comes to developing an efficient marketing strategy, businesses and marketers have a lot to balance, especially in the face of the ongoing demands of creativity, limited budgets, and channel marketing decisions.

The most significant deciding factor is your audience, also known as the buyer persona. In the absence of adequately targeting one’s audience, business promotions are more likely to crash – no matter how good they are.

Depending on the nature of a business, some companies serve individuals. In contrast, others help businesses, so the basic variation lies between an individual consumer and business entities when it comes to the audience.

That said, marketing to individual consumers is very different from marketing to businesses, which is why an entirely different marketing method that is solely for businesses exists. The marketing strategy is known as the B2B marketing strategy.  


The basic difference between B2B and B2C marketing

Before we explore the question of what is a B2B marketing strategy and your options for developing one, we have to understand the basic difference between B2B and B2C marketing. B2B marketing stands for any marketing strategy that is intended for a business.

what is a b2b marketing strategySource:

B2B marketing strategies are used by companies that sell their products or services to other businesses. The primary purpose of B2B marketing is to introduce your brand to other businesses and convince them to become your customers.

B2C marketing, on the other hand, takes place between a business and a customer. The primary difference between B2B and B2C marketing lies in the difference in the buying persona, marketing strategies, application, and communication.

While B2B marketing focuses on the needs and interests of individual consumers who are making potential purchases on behalf of their business organization; thus, the business organization becomes the customer.

On the other hand, B2C marketing focuses on the needs and interests of consumers who make the potential purchases for themselves; thus, the “individual” becomes the customer.

What is a b2b marketing strategy Source:


What is a B2B marketing strategy? 


Now that we have established the difference between B2B and B2C marketing, we can proceed to analyze what is a b2b marketing strategy. A good B2B marketing strategy will enable you to get more leads and appointments consistently and steadily.

A B2B marketing strategy provides a layout of how your business plans to boost brand awareness about your products and services amongst your potential buyers. Your marketing strategy includes identifying potential marketing tools and channels that you can use to get from one potential buyer to another.

The question about what is a B2B marketing strategy also includes the resources and framework that will allow you to trace the most productive market segment and the right marketing channels to raise brand awareness and generate leads with the help of successful b2b marketing strategies. 


7 B2B Marketing Strategies for B2B Businesses 

Here is exactly what you need to prioritize in your B2B marketing plan:


Paid vs. Organic B2B Strategy

The question about what is a B2B marketing strategy essentially revolves around where your business leads are coming from when it comes to generating them for your business. Now, the crucial thing here is that the different traffic sources have different strategies behind them.

What is a b2b marketing strategySource:

Essentially, some business platforms will be better for organically lead gen, and some business platforms will be a better choice for paid lead generation. Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the best examples – the key here is to really understand that different traffic sources incorporate different strategies when it comes to acquiring leads.

Some traffic sources are simply better for running paid ads, and some are better for running organic and regular content marketing. Paid traffic simply means running ads, and organic traffic means creating content and not running ads.  

Coming to the question of how to create a B2B marketing strategy, the thing is that none of these strategies is better than the other, but it is important to differentiate both B2B marketing strategies and not try running a paid strategy on an organic platform and vice versa.

That said, when it comes to developing B2B leads, there are two big players in the space where you will want to run either an organic strategy or a paid strategy – Facebook and LinkedIn.


What is a b2b marketing strategy Source:


Build Your Brand First

Brand-building is one of the most powerful ways to market your business and acquire long-term growth. The B2B institute of LinkedIn has claimed the same – building a strong brand is proven to be more efficient than short-term marketing in the long run.

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According to LinkedIn, only 4% of B2B marketers calculate the impact of their marketing inputs beyond six months. And you might have guessed already that it takes more than six months to build a brand.

This aspect indicates that by taking a long-term approach and investing in your brand, you will be in a better position than more than 90% of your competitors because they are relying on short-term marketing tactics, i.e., quick-hit Facebook ads that are ideally used as a shotgun approach.

Some of the easiest ways to build a brand include the following:

  • Make Videos/ Publish YouTube Videos
  • Publish Blogs
  • Create value-driven and informative social media posts
  • Record Podcasts


B2B Video Marketing Strategy

One emerging B2B marketing trend is the use of video. You can see grand companies, such as Adobe, using vloggers to market their business.

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Now, if you look at the time spent on each social media platform, you will see that YouTube is killing everyone. If you thought that TikTok was hot, you might consider that YouTube is evidently crushing it. Do you talk about Instagram? No, YouTube is crushing that one too.

Question – why is YouTube crashing everyone? The answer is as simple as this – people love video content. Video provided people the opportunity to move from the channels that they have on their televisions – to building their own channels on YouTube.

And even though you are B2B, you can do this exactly as well. In fact, video is one of the best B2B product marketing strategy. 

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Here is the thing about B2B video marketing, most B2B companies either do something outstanding, but they don’t realize it as it seems so normal to them. Or, there is a chance that B2B companies enable something that is really cool, which can be shown to people.

When it comes to video content, the kind of content that gets viral and boosts ROI, you might want to keep it sweet and short. While creating a short and sweet video, make sure to cover all essentials and benefits of your services/ products.

The right video can lead to direct conversions – it has been found that more than 70% of people prefer watching videos to learn about new products and services and make their buying decisions based on what they see. This makes video a must-have B2B marketing strategy and resolves much of what is a B2B marketing strategy

Here are some ways your B2B business brand can benefit from video content:

  • Boost the retention rate of your target audience.
  • Access clients at different spots of your B2B Sales cycle.
  • Boost customer engagement.
  • Support other marketing strategies, such as SEO, social media, and blogging.
  • Make effective remarketing campaigns.


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B2B SEO Marketing Strategy 

Think about the following:

How would you find businesses that offer the very same services and products you provide?

There is a great chance that you will start your search on search engines – whether by using Google, Yahoo, or other search engines. All you need to do is to be there when people are looking for the services and products provided by your business that can send your business to unimaginable heights.

Can you think of other traffic sources that can deliver in-market traffic? In other words, can people look for your solutions completely free?

SEO is the single most effective marketing channel when it comes to B2B businesses and marketing strategy for B2B business. There is nothing better than being the first search result that is searched hundreds and thousands of times monthly.

The best thing is that this traffic doesn’t stop – it keeps coming to you every day, week, and month after month – at no expense to you at all. So, if you were to design your B2B marketing strategy and ponder about what is a B2B marketing strategy, the very next thing you should be writing down is SEO, which is also one of the best B2B digital marketing campaigns.

All you need to do is to find high-traffic keywords and strategically place them on your website. Once you have optimized your website correctly to meet the best search engine practices, if you do this and generate more exposure to your website over time, then you will soon find your business climbing up the SERPs and getting free traffic and leads.

B2B Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is something that is mostly completely written off by B2B businesses because they think that they are not some big business like Amazon and don’t need to send out emails to their customers. Now, this is a terrible misconception that most B2B businesses make.

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Every B2B business should be using email marketing – now, when we find an email marketing client, we find loads of low-hanging fruit. Initially, the first thing anyone does is to have a look at the emails that are sent.

Often, the emails are just kind of generic broadcast stuff that nobody cares about. The much better take with your email marketing is to segment your audience into people who have bought from you, people who have bought particular products or services from you, and then you can tailor the stuff they are getting.

When it comes to a B2B marketing strategy, you can build automation for people who have purchased something in the past to remind them when it is time to purchase and to leave a review. You can also build automation based on particular articles that people have visited.

Simply put, by taking a mature approach to email marketing, you can make the best of it, and establish an exceptional B2B inbound marketing strategy. There are loads of opportunities in email marketing, so you might want to invest your attention there.

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B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy


According to research by IDC, nearly 85% of C-level and VP-level buyers use social media for making buying decisions. People are using social media more than ever before, which is why the big company that you are trying to sell to will be scrolling their social media every day.

If the companies that you want to do business with are on social media, you should be on social media to have a connection with your audience.

You might think of the B2B buyer as someone who is kind of disconnected from what they are buying as they are doing this as part of their work and don’t care in real life – the truth, however, is that B2B buyers have a greater emotional connection with their potential vendors than B2C customers.


B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Now, for B2B businesses, content marketing is not king. Still, it is imperative – speaking of which, the particular part of content marketing that is important for B2B marketing revolves around informative, knowledge-based content and blogs.

You will often target informational terms by targeting buyers who need to go through an education process before they hit the purchase button. This aspect makes your blog or knowledge base really important.

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Content marketing is one of the most creative B2B marketing campaigns that you can take to all different levels. 

So, when it comes to what is a B2B marketing strategy, it includes the fact of comprehending the question that your customers might have prior to the purchase, and providing information that helps to answer those questions is a crucial part of the B2B content marketing strategy.

One classic example of B2B content marketing strategy is Shopify. Let’s look at the website of Shopify. We see that they have so much going on – they are teaching people how to build a business and teaching people about e-commerce, and since Shopify is an e-commerce platform, their website has content about how to use Shopify.

But, they (Shopify) also have stuff about how to build a bigger business – and if you look at it closely, you truly understand what they are doing here. They are trying to attract people who are in the process of setting up a business.

This way, Shopify is trying to track inspiring entrepreneurs and get them on their site because if they can do that, then when they (inspiring entrepreneurs) come to choose an e-commerce platform, they are more likely to choose Shopify, which makes content marketing one of the exceptional B2B marketing strategies for startups.


Now that you have a clear idea, you know that you can do exactly this yourself. You don’t necessarily have to get loads of social media celebrities in your website content space and compile free courses that people can sign up for.

Your focus should be more on understanding what’s going on in your customer’s mind. Whether it is specifically about the products you sell or whether it is about the step before that, or even the step after that – how can you provide information?

How can you collect the expertise you have inside your business and that you have throughout your customer base and provide this information to attract more customers onto your business website – whether they are ready to buy or not.

So, for the question of what is a B2B marketing strategy, you might want to think about what people are into and what kind of information you can give them. And this is a pure B2C marketing strategy – you see this all day from massive e-commerce brands – but this is something that works exceptionally well for B2B businesses. That said, B2B content strategy is one of the best b2b digital marketing campaigns.


Some Myths Debunked About B2B Marketing


B2B Marketing is Boring

Referring to the question of what is a B2B marketing strategy, many people think of it as boring. Just because your competitors are boring, it doesn’t mean that you have to be boring as well. A lot of the things that go on in a market are because people copy each other – you see one business doing things one way, and they grow – everyone else copies them.

This kind of perpetual cycle exists in many cases – boring marketing that is copied repeatedly. The thing is that as a b2b marketer, you don’t have to be boring. Typically, people assume that just because other niche competitors are playing it safe, they also have to.


You Are Selling to a Business


Another mindset hack about b2b marketing is that you are never selling to a business – rather, you are selling to a person. Sometimes, people buy on behalf of themselves or their company. Sometimes, people are acting as a B2C target and sometimes as a B2B target.

The thing is that they are the same people. When it comes to how to do b2b marketing strategies, we are tapping into what makes people buy and what attracts them to certain businesses. So, while there are some major differences between B2B and B2C sales cycles, actually, how we market to people doesn’t have to be as different as most B2B businesses think.

Most of the difference with B2B marketing is because a smaller target audience is targeted. There are much more specific messages to be delivered because the work is offered to a longer sales cycle.


The Takeaway

No B2B marketing strategy will be effective until you know your buying persona, and no buying persona is as volatile as business customers. 

While developing the best marketing strategy, you should keep in mind how other businesses can benefit from your business and how you can relay your successful B2B marketing strategies to reach your target audience.

Eventually, if you build your brand with the right audience, then they will eventually determine that they need the exact products and services that you offered.  



Roi driven digital marketing

How to Build ROI Driven Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022?

Digital marketing is continuously on the rise and businesses are trying to utilize it. Although digital marketing offers brand exposure, for businesses, generating revenue is the primary focus.

For this, marketers are emphasizing ROI driven digital marketing. They want to know whether their strategies are bringing fruit and generating revenue.

But the question is How to improve digital marketing ROI with minimum effort?

In case you are unaware of the term ROI, it represents the total “return on investment.” Businesses incorporate ROI strategies in digital marketing to ensure maximum returns and meet their marketing goals.

This guide will help you understand how to build ROI driven digital marketing. Gut first, let’s understand what digital marketing ROI represents and how you can calculate it.


What Is Digital Marketing ROI?


Digital marketing ROI is the process of measuring the efficiency of your digital campaigns. In simple terms, it is the evaluation of investment and whether you are getting something in return.

If you have a positive ROI, it means your brand is earning more than spending.

ROI driven marketing helps you assess the profitability and loss of all your online campaigns. You can evaluate the efficiency of a campaign or measure the efficiency of different digital campaigns. 


Why Measure ROI in Digital Marketing?


From a marketing perspective, the main goal of every campaign is to get the full value of your spending. This is where ROI driven digital marketing comes in handy.

Measuring ROI in digital marketing tells you whether you are getting results.

An ROI driven marketing strategy saves both your time and budget. When you measure ROI, you get to know

  • Which strategy is working 
  • Which digital marketing channel is more profitable 

Moreover, measuring ROI helps you

  • Improve your campaign 
  • Remove what’s not working

In simple words, measuring ROI can boost the chances of your digital marketing success. Instead of spending your resources and time blindly, you can work on digital strategies that actually work. With a careful analysis, you can take actionable steps to improve returns.


What Is a Good ROI for Digital Marketing?


The goal of ROI driven digital marketing is to get more value than you are spending. However, a “good ROI for digital marketing” depends on a number of factors. These include

  • Your industry 
  • Marketing channels
  • Type of marketing strategies

An average ROI for digital marketing normally pays five times your budget i.e. 5:1. This means for every $1 spent your business gets a $5 gain. A ratio of 10:1 is considered the best ROI in digital marketing.

According to experts, anything above a 2:1 ratio is a good ROI for digital marketing. This is a value that usually covers the break-even point.


How to Calculate Digital Marketing ROI? 


It takes practice and numbers to calculate digital marketing ROI. If you don’t know how to measure digital marketing ROI, there’s a basic formula.

Roi driven digital marketing Now let’s identify the values that you’ll need to calculate digital marketing.

Cost or Ad Spend

This includes the total cost that your brand is spending on digital marketing. Start with calculating the hourly cost of your team who is working on the campaign. Then consider the cost of producing content (text or visual) and the advertising spending.

Average Sales Price

This is the average price of your product or service including discount offers. So, if you change pricing or distribute coupons, consider the average sales price.

Number of Leads

It’s the numerical value of total leads that you get through digital marketing.

Lead-to-Customer Rate

Measuring the lead to customer ratio is crucial if you want to calculate digital marketing ROI. These are the leads that bought your service or product and became customers.

For instance, if you got 100 leads and 10 of them turned into customers, your lead-to-customer rate would be 10%.

Measuring Digital Marketing ROI Metrics

There are some key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure digital marketing ROI. These include B2C and B2B digital marketing metrics.

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Generate social shares
  • Generate more traffic
  • Improve search rankings 
  • Drive email subscriptions


Types of Digital Marketing Strategies


Now that you know how to calculate digital marketing ROI, it’s time to explore top digital marketing channels. There are five main types of digital marketing channels known for good ROI.

These include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

You should know which platform offers the best ROI in digital marketing. Below is the list of most effective digital marketing techniques according to marketers.

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Let’s explore these in detail to find out which strategy is good for which purpose. We have evaluated the advantages and drawbacks of each digital marketing strategy.

This will help you find the best ROI driven digital marketing strategy for your business.


Content Marketing

Content creation takes time, but it still costs less than visuals. Plus, written content tops the chart when it comes to ROI driven digital marketing.

According to HubSpot’s marketing report, 82% of companies reported positive ROI when they used content marketing.

The cost of content marketing depends on the time it takes to create content. In addition, you must consider the production cost, as well as the time and money spent on promoting it.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is, without any doubt, one of the best ROI driven digital marketing channels. For online growth, it is a low-cost solution that can deliver consistent results.

This is a marketing channel that works for all types of businesses. Even for eCommerce, SEO delivers a healthy return over investment (ROI).


What makes SEO tick is that it offers long-term results. Websites can continue to grow over the years while delivering positive ROI. Plus, it drives organic traffic to your website which means quality leads and more sales.

For these reasons, we consider SEO to be one of the top ROI driven marketing strategies.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is reported as one of the highest ROI digital marketing strategies. It’s a direct marketing method that requires some investment both in terms of time and cash.

However, email marketing offers a high success rate when it comes to brand exposure and lead generation.

Studies have shown that email marketing delivers the best ROI as a direct marketing channel.


It’s no wonder why this is one of the best ROI driven digital marketing strategies

 Compared to other methods, creating lists and sending out emails is relatively time saving and cost-effective. Plus, its ROI continues to grow as your email list and audience expands.

Tips for building a sizable contact list include using subscription incentives, sign-up lists. You can also gather data by enabling visitors to create on-site accounts.

There are certain factors to keep in mind for email marketing. When you are going to run an email campaign, you should consider measuring the below metrics.


  • Email open rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversions
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Leads acquired
  • Unsubscribe rate

The primary drawback of email marketing is that you need a substantial database of customer emails. So, it’s wise to use email marketing in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another effective digital marketing channel with good ROI. You can get good returns without spending a huge amount of time or budget. 


Social media marketing offers several valuable benefits that affect the overall ROI. The ROI driven digital marketing help you:


  • Reach a new audience
  • Interact with consumers
  • Provide customer support and engagement
  • Increase brand awareness
  • strengthen overall marketing strategy

However, measuring social media ROI is a bit more complex than others. You have to measure specific metrics in social media marketing to determine campaign effectiveness.

Below are the top ROI metrics that a marketer will have to consider for social media marketing.

  • Engagement rates
  • New followers
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Leads acquired
  • Conversions

Below is the list of top Social media platforms with the largest ROI according to marketers.


Facebook wins the race with the highest return on investment (ROI). It was ranked first by 21 percent of global marketers for both B2B and B2C businesses.


PPC Marketing

If done right, PPC services can deliver and generate a positive ROI in digital marketing.

Return on ad spend (ROAS) is much simpler to calculate than overall ROI for PPC campaigns. The formula is the same as the ROI formula.



This value, however, does not include all costs, but the cost of the paid ads.  You have to factor in some additional costs for a more precise estimate. These include:

  • Employee salaries
  • Processing fees

Also, unlike search engine optimization (SEO), PPC advertising is not long-term. It ends once your funds are depleted and the ads will turn off. You will only reap the benefits and get sales as long as ads are running.


Which Digital Marketing Strategy Has the Best ROI?

It’s hard to say which digital marketing has the best ROI. This is because each is used for various reasons and every industry requires a different treatment and has different needs.

Below is a chart representing the best digital marketing strategies for different goals.

Marketing Goal Digital Marketing Channel
Increase brand awareness PPC, social media marketing
Generate more traffic SEO, social media marketing
Improve search rankings Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Generate leads Email Marketing and PPC


If we consider the long-term benefits, both SEO and email marketing offer the best digital marketing ROI. However, content marketing is also an effective strategy that can get you good results.

For businesses and eCommerce stores, PPC and social media marketing deliver the best results. These two digital marketing strategies offer a positive ROI as paid marketing channels.


So, it all depends on your business needs and how quickly you want to see results. We recommend you maximize the ROI by running multiple online marketing campaigns.

You can run PPC, do email marketing, and can also spend on SMM campaigns. But don’t forget to include content marketing and SEO if you want long-term returns.

You can read more about the best digital marketing strategies.


Tips for Improving Marketing ROI

Now that you know what ROI driven digital marketing is, let’s explore how you can boost it.

It’s time to apply the insights to ace your marketing efforts and get better ROI. We have a few important tips that will help you improve your digital marketing ROI.


Establish Clear Goals

Before you decide to go on with a digital marketing strategy, establish your goals. It’s essential to establish clear goals beforehand and know which external factors will affect the results.

Most marketers use “Marketing Return on Investment” or ROMI) metrics. It helps marketers in measuring the return on their investments by factoring in external elements.



This term uncovers the notion that there can be more to a campaign than just ROI. The ROMI formula helps you evaluate which digital marketing strategy is good for your business.


The sole purpose of the ROMI is to assess how investments in marketing affect your revenue. After considering all digital marketing channels, you can prepare a profitable strategy.


Determine Marketing Costs

To formulate successful marketing ROI measurement strategies, you should determine marketing costs. This includes agency fees, employee salaries, creative development, and other expenses. 

This will help you decide what metrics to include and which strategy to follow for a better ROI. 


Use Marketing Analytics Platform


Organizations and marketers often underutilize the analytics platforms when it comes to digital marketing. Analytics and data are the keys to formulating a successful strategy.

According to Forbes, almost half of the digital marketers utilize data for ROI driven digital marketing.

So, you should leverage data and analytics to get the most out of your efforts. Use data while establishing goals and measure analytics to see how your strategy performed.

You can use data from previous campaigns to plan a good ROI driven digital marketing strategy.


Takeaway Words

ROI driven digital marketing helps you get the most out of your marketing campaigns. It tells whether you are using your marketing budget effectively and which platform is most suitable.

But to incorporate ROI strategies in digital marketing, you must establish your goals first. This will help you put your best foot forward and let you pick the right digital marketing channel. 



Digital marketing strategies for startups

8 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

The US Business Formation Statistics show that around 420,000 business applications were submitted in the US alone in Feb 2022. With so many businesses starting, you have to stay ahead of your competitors, and this is why you need a digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing can help you build your brand online, get discovered by your target audience, and generate more sales. Keep reading this blog to find eight best digital marketing strategies for startups that are proven to work regardless of your target industry! 


1. Search Engine Optimization

Customer Behavior

Finding new leads is a continuous struggle for all businesses. The question is, how do you plan on getting customers amidst the fierce competition of today’s online marketplace? “Search engine optimization” is one of the custom digital marketing strategies that can make you discoverable by your target audience. 

In terms of inbound marketing, SEO allows you to get discovered by people through search engines. Instead of visiting all websites, users can get help from a search engine to get the relevant information they want. 

SEO comprises the set of practices that you can adopt to rank higher on SERPs. If you are skeptical about the importance of SEO, you should know that even the US government has set up an online guide about SEO – the reason why SEO must be a part of your digital marketing planning and strategy

Below are three major branches of SEO. 


  • On-Page SEO


On-Page SEO is all about optimizing the website pages for SEO purposes. With proper On-Page SEO, the search engine crawlers can easily identify what a page is all about and how a page is relevant to a search query. Basic On-Page SEO practices include keyword optimization, the addition of H1, H2, etc.


  • Off-Page SEO


Off-Page SEO makes a webpage more valuable than many other websites that provide information on the same topic. Building backlinks is an essential part of any Off-Page SEO campaign as backlinks prove the worth of a page. Businesses usually hire SEO agencies to improve their Off-Page SEO.


  • Technical SEO 


Technical SEO refers to the “Technical” side of SEO that is better handled by webmasters. Without proper adoption of Technical SEO practices, a website can never rank higher on SERPs.

You will have to enroll in digital marketing strategy classes to learn technical SEO yourself. Some of the Technical SEO practices include optimization of URLs for SEO and setting hierarchy of website content etc. 

Before you get started with SEO

SEO strategies take some time to adapt and implement. You cannot claim higher SERP rankings overnight by applying SEO best practices. Though you don’t have to spend a ton of money on SEO and adopt it yourself step by step, hiring an SEO agency is still recommended if you want faster results. 


2. Email marketing


Emails can be placed under “Direct marketing” as you don’t need an intermediary channel when sending emails to your prospects. Contrary to popular belief, Email is not a “thing from the past,” as 17% of Americans check their email inbox first when they wake up. 

Email marketing, one of the best digital marketing strategies, has become a lot easier thanks to the SaaS products that enable businesses to run and manage email campaigns. This marketing keeps your customers in the loop by staying in touch through emails. Emails can be divided into three main types:


  • Email newsletters

Email newsletters must be a part of your brand digital marketing strategy. You can pack all the important details about what new products and services you will launch and what changes you’ve made to your existing offerings. 


  • Promotional emails

A promotional email is sent to your repeat customers and prospects with the intent of persuading them to buy your products and services. Compared to social media ads, promotional emails are more direct and targeted and can potentially bring better results when sent properly. 


  • Re-engagement emails

In this digital world of “Abandoned carts,” you have to do something to keep your previous customers interested in your offerings. Re-engagement emails allow you to convince your old customers to buy from you again. Many businesses rely on Re-engagement emails to revive dormant customers. 

Before you get started with email marketing

Email marketing is more challenging to implement than other of the best digital marketing strategies. You have to build your base of subscribers, develop your unique voice, increase your open rates, optimize your frequency of sending emails, etc. But it’s truly worth investing your energy in email marketing!


3. Social media marketing


An average person spends this much time on social media. For example, only LinkedIn accounts for around 50% of traffic to B2B websites. With numbers like these, it’s not hard to understand why every business should focus on social media marketing – which is one of the best digital marketing strategies

Getting started with social media marketing is super easy. All you have to do is create accounts on different social platforms and start sharing content, but doing so will never guarantee you to get any results – and this is where proper planning kicks in!

You have to identify the audience persona of your target audience and define your prospects in different segments. Proper audience segmentation will help you create converting content for different people. 

For example, if you are a fashion startup offering unique clothes to millennials, you will have little to no progress if you spend all your time promoting your items on LinkedIn. It’s important to decide where your prospects are most active to get the results you want. 

Here are SMM digital marketing strategy best practices you should adopt:

  • Create a list of realistic goals. 
  • Gather information about your target audience. 
  • Automate your social media marketing campaigns. 
  • Choose the primary social platform for your marketing carefully.
  • Create a proper calendar for sharing content on social channels. 
  • Create content using proper storytelling strategies to humanize your brand.  

Influencer marketing


Creating content yourself and posting it online according to a calendar can get hectic. Influencer marketing, one of the new digital marketing strategies, can speed up your online branding efforts. The statistics mentioned below show that influencer marketing is essential for businesses worldwide. 

Influencer marketing requires you to identify the top influencers in your target audience. Once you settle the details, the influencers will create persuasive content for your prospects and customers, and you will have more free time to focus on important business tasks. 

Before you get started with social media marketing

Social media marketing is a standalone marketing approach, meaning that you don’t have to combine it with the other best digital marketing strategies. It’s recommended to harmonize social media marketing with other strategies and take the right steps to create digital marketing strategy to get better results. 


4. Native advertising 


Native advertising is one of the best digital marketing strategies. It is paid content that all of us have already seen so many times. One thing to understand about native advertising is that it’s not your “normal ad” that pops out of nowhere on a channel or publication.

Native ads are ads that are created in the tone and style of the publisher. For example, if some famous chef who publishes videos about cooking foods uploads a video of enjoying the food of a specific brand, then this uploaded video can be considered an example of native advertising. 

It can get hard to identify if an ad falls under the umbrella of native advertising or not. There are no hard and fast rules about creating native ads, and both brands and publishers twist things according to their liking. 

Before you get started with native advertising

Native advertising can bring negative results if your target audience dislikes your ad, and this is why you should learn how to analyze digital marketing strategy. Take a look at your competitors and try to adopt strategies that have worked for them. Try not to go to the extremes, as it will only hurt your brand. 


5. Content marketing


Content marketing outlines the thoughtful creation of content to engage, inform, entertain, and convert your target audience. Instead of creating content you find great for yourself, content marketing enables you to produce valuable content for your target audience, making it one of the best digital marketing strategies

Online content creation can be divided into four categories:

  • Writing content like blog posts
  • Publishing audio content like podcasts
  • Uploading video content like explainer videos
  • Sharing images like infographics 

Content marketing doesn’t only help you get liked by your prospects. Proper content marketing allows you to create a solid brand online. For example, guest posting is a content marketing strategy that helps you generate backlinks for your website, so your website can rank higher on SERPs. 

Before you get started with content marketing

Content marketing is a long-term digital marketing strategy for your business, and you cannot expect to get amazing results from it overnight. Content creation is a tedious task that takes time and effort. Be sure not to do things haphazardly and hire a content writing agency to save your time and effort. 


6. PPC advertising


Most of us think of TV, Radio, and magazines when we hear the word “advertising.” However, the widespread use of the internet has changed advertising for good. Out of the best digital marketing strategies, the one that is the most favorite of digital marketers is PPC advertising. 

PPC stands for “Pay per click.” In this advertising model, you don’t have to invest a ton of money in running ads, and you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. 

The simplicity of the PPC model makes it more attractive than other advertising models. Compared to running your ad on a TV channel for “Brand awareness” purposes, PPC allows you to track how much progress you are making from your ads. 

PPC advertising also helps you build a strong brand online, and you should run PPC ads for online branding if you are willing to spend some money. 

Before you get started with PPC advertising

The PPC online digital marketing strategy is fit for those business owners who can’t wait to claim higher SERP rankings through SEO strategies. Make sure you study your target audience and your competitors first to optimize your ads and decrease your cost per click. Optimize your landing pages to convert more prospects into customers. 


7. Video marketing


Improved web technologies have enabled people worldwide to stream video content. With the decreasing attention span and people willing to get bite-sized information, you should focus on video marketing to get closer to your target audience. 

Video marketing, one of the best digital marketing strategies, is all about creating videos that your target audience will love to watch. Online videos can be divided into the following categories

  • Video ads
  • Video sales letters
  • Explainer videos
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Explainer videos 
  • Documentary videos 
  • Testimonial videos
  • Employee portrait video 

and the list goes on. 

The question is, why should you make an extra effort to create videos when you can simply churn out a ton of blog posts? The reason behind this is quite simple: video is more digestible and convenient for online audiences. 

Before you get started with video marketing 

Video marketing is a proven digital marketing strategy to increase sales. You will have to invest a lot of money in video creation gear if you have never created videos for marketing efforts in the past. Instead, a better option is working with a video production agency to save your costs. 


8. Affiliate marketing


As a startup, it can get hard for you to focus on all the strategies mentioned above simultaneously to drive sales. Introducing an affiliate program, one of the advanced digital marketing strategies, can make things easier for you in the initial stages of your business development. 

In an affiliate program, you agree to pay a fixed commission to your partner every time they bring a sale. As mentioned below in the IAB report, small and large-scale businesses rely on affiliate marketing to increase their sales, proving it’s not new for leading businesses. 

To get started with affiliate marketing as a startup owner, you first have to choose the product or service you want to promote. Study your target audience and pick the item expected to sell more. The next step is creating a detail of your affiliate program and deciding how much commission you will pay. 

After that, you have to choose an affiliate management platform to handle your affiliate campaigns. You will have to promote your affiliate program through social and email channels. 

Before you get started with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a data driven digital marketing strategy, and It takes a lot of effort to choose the right affiliates and ensure that there are no discrepancies in the process. Therefore, you should only get started with this strategy after getting proper information. 


All the eight best digital marketing strategies mentioned above are proven to work for startups across all industries. Implement any of the strategies first to identify if it’s generating results for you. Keep learning from your competitors, so you don’t miss out on anything important – Happy marketing!